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Fairfield Farm

MC Landscape Trees

MC Landscape Trees is one of the largest container grown tree farms in Central Texas using both conventional had containers and the special root pruned containers,. We specialize in the production of Monterrey, Chinquapin, Burr, Live and Shumard oaks, Lacebark and Cedar elms, Chinese Pistache, Cypress, Magnolias, Hollies, Crepe Myrtles and many other ornamental trees and flowering trees.

MC Landscape Trees is a certified Platinum grower for Rootmaker® making us one of the largest container grown tree farms in the country using Rootmaker® root pruned containers from seeds or cuttings all the way to larger trees. These trees are grown with maximum root branching producing the highest quality tree. These container grown trees will have an expanded root system over a greater surface area than conventional containers, giving our customers close to 100% survivability when transplanted.


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